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Coordination, Stretching

47 min

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Coordination, Stretching, Posture Awareness

47 min


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Coordination, Stretching

45 min

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Coordination, Stretching, Strengthening

52 min



It improves your alignment and posture awareness.

Good look

It guarantees a very good look.

It's easy

It’s easy and challenging at the same time.


Good for your coordination and musicality.


It provides wide range of exercises.

Spinal health

Perfect for spinal health maintenance.


Learning Spinedango® involves getting familiar with the basics of mainstream Latin dance styles including Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Salsa, Spanish Paso doble and Zouk.


These styles are especially compatible with spinal health, joint health and general health because they have moderate to high intensity, but do not involve jumping which may be harmful for someone with back pain. They promote and enhance better mobility and range of motion of spine and joints.

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Spinedango Fitness can be suitable at both beginner and advanced levels.

This exciting start will continue from the basic moves to challenging dance sequences! Your posture, flexibility, coordination, reaction speed and musicality will improve naturally.

Spinedango Fitness develops gradually through different levels bringing you new challenges every time.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Spinedango and traditional Latin dance or Latin Dance Fitness?

The target of Spinedango is not only to improve fitness but also to increase people’s awareness about their posture and the ability of their bodies. The goal of Spinedango is NOT to burn calories, but to work on the finesse and symmetry of movement in the spine and joints, and deepen the harmony of movement through Spinedango.

Can Spinedango help to get rid of back pain?

Essentially we advise seeking professional help when you are in pain, but Spinedango can play an essential role in your rehabilitation from spinal injuries. It can also be a great tool for the prevention of back pain if it is used at the right time and in the right way.

What is the best age to start doing Spinedango?

Spinedango has no limits as to who and when a person can take part and start benefiting from the moves. If one can walk – one can do Spinedango!

Can Spinedango help a person with limited abilities, for example someone in a wheelchair?

Yes! Some of the Spinedango moves can be adapted to suit the person and some moves can be performed with no adjustments. Your Spinedango instructor will help you create a unique sequence which will benefit you and your condition. You can always be helped and advised by Spinedango main office at The Back Pain Centre in London UK on how Spinedango can be adapted to suit your individual needs.

Can Spinedango be taught 1:1?

By all means, Spinedango can be taught in large or small classes or one to one.

I have a disc herniation (slipped disk). Will Spinedango be useful for my condition?

If your doctor recommends gentle exercises, walking and swimming, then Spinedango can become part of your exercise routine. All moves used in Spinedango are selected with the aim that spinal conditions like a slipped disc (herniation) should not be a limiting factor in your progress. However, if sport or other activity causes discomfort or pain, you should stop immediately or ask your Spinedango instructor for an alternative move/exercise which can be done painlessly for your benefit.

What is the length of the class? I am not sure I am ready for an intense workout.

Usually it's between 45 minutes and an hour. But on our Online platform you can find quick combinations of specific training in certain skills, which are 10-12 minutes. This will be enough time to maintain the idea of having a new life style without back pain. Although if you have more time for the class, it will be more beneficial for you.

How many classes are needed to get better and improve posture?

You will enjoy Spinedango so much that the process itself will consume you and your posture improvement will start as soon as you start Spinedango. Of course it will take longer for the changes to become permanent. Those who have enjoyed Spinedango, continue enjoying the process and for most of them the process of posture retraining took between 3 and 18 months.

My dancing skills are very poor and my hearing is bad…

The Spinedango class is designed to adapt to the abilities of the student. If you work one to one with the instructor, they will adjust the composition and complexity of the lesson to your level to allow you to enjoy the experience and also to progress and develop new skills. To practice online we would suggest following "Spinedango Health" as it is a very balanced programme, without high intensity and with less complicated exercises. This programme is perfect to start with. In Spinedango, music creates a better environment. It’s not essential to do the exercises to the music…. the main thing is to do exercises.

What is the secret of the effects of Spinedango on joints and muscles?

There is no secret - Spinedango stimulates the natural ability of your body to self heal by restoring the function of the muscles and joints with a strong effort to improve the nervous system. The nervous system is improved through mechanical input into the alignment and symmetry of the spine and also through nerve stimulation through movement and dynamic stretching. Improvement of flexibility and alignment stimulates healing of the tissues in and around the spine aiding recovery from everyday trauma and improved function of the whole body.

Will I get tired if I attend a class in my lunch break?

It is unlikely that you will get tired from a Spinedango class, provided you've had a good night’s sleep the night before. Spinedango is perfectly fine to be practiced at any time of day without being physically exhausting. However, if you want to work up a sweat and feel you've done a good work out, Spinedango can provide that too.

Spinedango - is it something I have to be signed up to for a long time to see results? How hard is it?

Of course, Spinedango is designed to create a developmental shift in one's body. The system is a process; most beginners find it exciting to follow a programme to develop a pain free lifestyle, and it is simple. One can hop on and off the programme when needed and just enjoy it when you wish! But the excitement of developing new moves and opening new opportunities will naturally lead you to develop your own Spinedango journey.

Can I do Spinedango lessons on my own, at home or at work?

It is a great idea to follow our online exercise programme and you can use it any time. Another principle we've talked about from the introduction of the Spinedango system is Spinedango "outside the class". The new habits and rules you learn in the class will be applicable at any time outside the class. You will naturally follow the new rules to feel good and look great as this is what Spinedango is designed to achieve.