Can Spinedango® improve your posture?

“I’m officially 2cm taller with Spinedango®” – Lena P. agreed to comment on her experience with Spinedango®. She attended the class for over a year and remains a big fan of this very special system of exercise. Spinedango® brought her amazing results and continues to be her favourite. Read the full interview below:

– What made you join Spinedango classes?
I was looking for a system of exercise which would meet my fitness expectations but is not too intense or traumatic.  My life is too busy anyway and I have difficulties to recover on time for the next task. Spinedango gives me enough impact but without any strains. It also helps with posture and my overall appearance.
After the first point to say: the question is not what made me join, but what to make me stay. Because it’s so hard to keep something up. In the case of Spinedango®, it’s easy and fun. Who doesn’t like to dance and laugh if it didn’t turn out pretty? You come out with the real burst of energy after the class, and after a few months the body looks chiselled in places because the rib cage is in better position and waist is trimmer because of all the twists, and leg lifts.
– You have attended Spinedango® for over one year now, what would you say was your main achievement?
Apart from feeling that my posture has improved, and hearing from my friends and family that I look amazing, I am now officially 2 cm taller. It was discovered during my yearly medical check at work.
–  What would you say to someone who was looking to attend Spinedango® class, but is shy to dance with other people in the room? Or maybe they think they are not able to dance at all?
It easy, it’s fun, they start with basics of posture and movement and progress until it becomes as easy as it should be – your second nature. Spinedango® helps you to be normal. Feel and look good.
– How else does Spinedango® affect your life apart from making you taller?
I feel, when I attend Spinedango® regularly, I do apply what I learned in the class to what I do outside of the class. With better posture and full control over my own body, I continue to be a big fan of Spinedango®.